Advise leaders to solve the crisis before repeating history: showing the spirit through the dead end

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15 Aug 2022 6:45 a.m.





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Leader's Spirit

A leading security scholar in Thailand, Prof. Dr. Surachat Bamrungsuk, Lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science

Chulalongkorn University

Open the idea of ​​projecting political images during the "Pa Prem" era, Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda.

who decided to gracefully descend from the tiger

even able to continue riding on the back of a tiger

After being prime minister for a total of 8 years

At that time, many parties in society thought that Prime Minister Prem had been there for quite some time.

on the political situation

which is called by political terminology

who think that the prime minister does not have to be elected

or a half political system

in the midst of a growing economy

Politics is fairly stable.

Political instability is evidenced by the failed coup d'etat of 24 and 28, leading people to believe that

Thailand should back away from traditional politics.

Take control of the military leaders and start a new political outfit.

In the glorious era of Chatchawan, the economy is growing, we see more roles of the middle class.

It is a direct pressure on the Prime Minister.

I want to see the new prime minister come from the election

Academic subjects also had discussions.

have a similar opinion

Must give credit in that era.

led by Ajarn Chai-anan Samutavanij, Ajarn Kraisak Choonhavan, Ajarn Sukhumphan Paripat

Some of us are still the next generation of teachers.

Participated in helping to make a statement of 99 people, going back to look like a statement on October 14, 16, if I remember correctly, it was 99 people at that time as well.

Must accept Prime Minister Prem's sense

Read the politics

How about Thai politics?

When I saw it, I decided with the most important phrase, “I've had enough.”

give full credit

It's a self-answering question.

Does it have to be interpreted for 8 years? Voluntarily stepped down from power.

became a global comparative model that

It is a series of peaceful political transitions.

making political connections as smooth as possible

Changing from "Prime Minister" to "Prime Minister Chatichai Choonhavan" is the first elected prime minister after the events of October 6, 19.

In this context, it is the team around Prime Minister Prem.

and yourself

Knowing that Thai society has reached a saturation point that needs a central prime minister or a colonel

That's the feeling of a leader.

Even at the end of the prime minister's era, Chatchai stumbled upon the coup.

and trying to reverse Prime Minister Prem's footsteps

Bringing military leaders back to prime minister

General Suchinda Kraprayoon said "I won't come" and announced on the day of taking up a position in the Army that

"Sacrifice for the nation" is like pouring gasoline on the flames of a protest.

This rhythm is the 30th anniversary of May Democracy.

I was sitting and thinking. Agreed, the verdict on August 23, 65 will be like saying that

"Loyalty for the nation" like 35 years or not?

At that time, the wind of democracy was blowing.

There is a group that does not take Prime Minister Prem.

but the main armed forces still supported

Until the coup smelt from time to time. Prof. Dr. Surachat said that if going back, there is a lot of information.

“When the petition 99 goes up, it's like opening two doors, ok, take the door that goes down, or the door that opens to a big protest.

If you don't take the opportunity that leads to the anti-Prime Minister's will surely come!!

to point out that this is a political game reading

Or have a sense of knowing that the wind is starting to be strong, the storm is already strong, the only thing left is to rely on petition 99 as a way down instead of relying on this path as a way to continue to fight, don't care

I believe that Pa still controls politics to a certain extent.

But what's next?

Here, I see that it is the spirit of the leader. End the role. Wash your hands in the golden basin.

Without the constitution there is no 8-year limitation.”

Significant to today's military leaders

The past should be seen as a teaching lesson.

Thai political history is a good textbook to teach powerful Thai leaders.

If you don't keep walking, it opens the door to glory. Some things you can walk on. So what's the point of facing in the future?

Therefore, on the night of August 23, 65 at 24.00, 8 years since Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha was prime minister.

I didn't care about the decision.

Political science, the answer is simple.

Interpreted on the Prime Minister Appointment Order announced 24 Aug. 2014, it is clear that the legal order made by the coup junta itself.

There is no space for interpretation.

But the jurisprudence is understood to be complex.

hit until midnight on that day

or continue until 68 or 70

I think it's similar to the model that Prime Minister Prem has faced and can continue walking, but what is the future?

On the one hand, if the government understands the petition 99 that the people who do it will live the same number.

hoping to send a warning signal to the leader

and then think of the Prime Minister Prem era who walked down, Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn, who continued walking where teachers

social elder

signed a statement on October 14, 16 to resign from the Prime Minister

Return democracy to Thai society

Finally, it ends with a bloody incident.

“Today's academic statement, we see the 14th October 16th era, the Prime Minister Prem era, and the present era.

16 years history with Prime Minister Prem's era

It has a built-in answer.

No matter how you walk, there will be a crisis.

Even the military leaders believed that they were strong.

But many problems continue to rise, 14 October 16 is not the only problem.

There is also an economic crisis

both the oil crisis

sugar price crisis

which I as a student saw and had the opportunity to join

When Prime Minister Prem

I was a teacher and came to help make a statement.

And in this era, he joined and signed as one of the 99 intellectuals who called for Gen. Prayut to resign.

Because now Thailand is facing a crisis all around.

Heavier than Prime Minister Prem

On situations most people in society do not see leaders have the ability to solve various crises.

Many things can happen.”

The leadership spirit is the key that unlocks the door to solving the crisis.

The key is pressed on 23 Aug 65, it is an opportunity to open the door to solve the crisis.

Today, fear leaders still believe that this key will unlock the door more tightly.

to stay longer

If this key pulls the door closer

It's a big challenge! 

"I've had enough," Prime Minister Prem's words remind many of today's leaders.

If today is not conscious, I hope to see the spirit of the Thai military leader who has always been taught to love the country.

I want to see a patriotic military leader

Not patriotic to close the door to stay

It will lead society into a huge crisis.

under the former leader

original policy direction

Thailand can't go

Because we are facing a big crisis in the world stage.

Covid-Ukraine War-Taiwan Strait

Still leading the economic crisis - energy - food - fertilizer prices - cost of living

come all together

Stepping into the last quarter of year 65 will be even more intense.

As Sri Lanka collapses

problems in laos

economic crisis in bangladesh

This is caused by the problem of the stomach and the cost of living. Asia is facing more and more problems like this.

Therefore, Aug. 15-Aug. 23, 65 is a dangerous 9 days.

This key tightens the door locks to continue.

or unlock the door from power to solve the crisis.

political team