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The driver was fine, he wasn't tired.

One parent wanted to sit in the front because the child choked and started coughing.

The driver tried to lower his seat (next to the driver's seat - b. ed.) and explain to the father.

This is what a woman from the Serbian bus that crashed on the Trakia highway told BTV.

According to her, this is how the accident happened.

Serious accident with a bus with children on the Trakia highway, there are injured

"We left Sunny Beach, stopped for a rest at a gas station 10 km before the accident," she added and explained that there were 49 people in the bus.

Eyewitness of the Trakia disaster: The sight of crying children covered in blood was horrifying

The witness said that they were at a folklore festival, and at the time of the accident they were returning to Belgrade.

She does not know to what extent the children were injured, she only knows that they were taken to a hospital in Stara Zagora.

The Minister of the Interior with his first words about the serious accident involving children on the Trakia highway

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