A 47-year-old Georgian citizen, transporting illegal migrants, drove nearly 10 kilometers in oncoming traffic on the Chernomorets - Burgas road to escape from Border Police officers and caused a head-on collision, reported the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Burgas.

Shortly before that, the driver of the Audi passenger car with Sofia registration, possibly due to information received about the presence of a Border Police checkpoint in the area of ​​Chengene Skele, turned his direction of travel and began to move against the cars traveling in towards Burgas.

The "Audi" managed to hit four cars from the side, finally crashing head-on into the "Nissan Kubister", with Burgas registration, whose driver was taken to UMBAL-Burgas.

Due to an accident, the movement of motor vehicles over 12 tons on the road Vidin - Montana is temporarily restricted

The driver of the Audi and his passengers, transported both in the passenger compartment and in the trunk, escaped into a wooded area, but thanks to the actions of 4 teams from the Border Police Station - Burgas and the "Specialized Tactical Actions" sector of the Burgas Police Department, they were apprehended.

It was established that there were 12 men in the Georgian's car who illegally crossed the Bulgarian border and were of Syrian origin.

They are detained at the GPU-Burgas.

Work on the case continues.

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