"Tide Wasuwat" receives the Mid-Autumn Festival with the opening of an original dessert shop with Hong Kong recipes.

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15 Aug. 2022 04:57 a.m.





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  • To welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival, handsome guy Tide-Wasuwat, who graduated with a master's degree in Imperial College and is interested in bakery, therefore runs a Holiday Pastry shop as well. Open kitchen for customers who ask for the original Hong Kong recipe mooncake. Booked with custard. Smooth and fragrant texture such as Hong Kong, Golden Custard, Durian, Mon Thong, Custard and Black Truffle Custard in Crust Flour. It's Father Keeratipong Kuhapremkit because his friends want to eat.

  • during Lent

    Phra Thepkhunaporn

    The abbot of Wat Thewarat Kunchorn Dewet completed his ordinances and walked around the temple to monitor the development every day.

    until the temple is beautiful and orderly in every corner

    It is admired by people who go to pick up a rare set of old books, "Spirit Arts and Antiques" that students have been searching for.

    and bring it to the temple to give the participants to make merit -- until the blessing and blessing are complete.

    Lord, you are holding a book in your tired arms.

    because it weighs several kilograms per set

  • Organized the Thai Festival in Moscow 2022 at the Hermitage Garden in central Moscow.

    go to the weekend first

    with Thai arts and culture, boxers, fashion, Thai products and artists-singers such as Kob-Songsit and Dr. Phathorn Srikanon to entertain Ambassador Peter-Sasiwat

    Wong Sinsawat smiles when Russian fans in Thailand

    to work together tightly

    having fun

    I don't care about the Ukrainian war at all.

  • When Issey Miyake left, Tinnat Nisalak was more sad than many others because when Khun Moo-Tinnat

    Went to study fabric design first.

    And working in New York, I used to meet Issey Miyake, a close friend of the boss often.

    But then I never thought

    This young Japanese man is handsome and polite.

    to become a world-class designer

  • Have fun shopping Boss Robinson, Stefan Jubert and Noppadon Plairahan organize 2 campaigns to meet the family of shoppers who like "discounts" with "ROBINSON SHOP SHOP. Go shopping!

    Get back more than worth it" at 27 Robinson branches and "ROBINSON shop crushed Jaisanan" for those who like "gifts" at 21 Robinson branches and department stores until 31 Aug.

  • Organs begin to wear out with age.

    therefore repaired all the time

    After swinging the dissected arm, Paiwong Techanarong went to the hospital to have the doctor repair his knee.

    and send physical images to show off that they are still fit

    because he had the surgery at 5 am, and at 3 pm the nurse pulled him out of the bed and walked straight away.

    before the membrane is attached.

ginseng hibiscus