New Delhi:

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has made a special appeal to the people living in 18 tribal villages amid leakage in the Karam Dam of Dhar in Madhya Pradesh.

He said that the situation remains serious, in such a situation, I appeal to all of you not to return to your village now.

Many of our teams are working to reduce the leakage in the dam.

The next few days need to be very cautious.

In such a situation, I request you with folded hands that you do not put your life at risk and while cooperating with the administration, stay in the safe camps mentioned by the government for the time being.

He said that at present the water is being removed from the dam so that the repair work can be started.

So far our team has removed 35 percent of the water from the dam, the situation is under control but the crisis still persists due to the high flow of water. 

Explain that the administration had shifted people from 18 tribal villages to a safer place in view of the leakage in the dam.

All these villages are from Dhar and Khargaon districts.

The safe place where these villagers were kept is 35 km away from the dam site.

But disregarding the instructions of the administration, all these villagers are returning to their villages amid the ongoing leakage in the dam.

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh has appealed to the villagers to stay in these camps only.

In the midst of all this, water has started coming out of the under-construction dam from the parallel channel.

Administration is present on the spot and is on alert mode.

Dam repair work can be done only after the water is removed.

Sources have told NDTV that the completion of the work is getting delayed due to large stones. 

Engineering and hydrology experts have been deployed to prevent the dam from collapsing under the rising pressure of 15 million cubic meters (MCM) of water.

Of this, one-third is to be released immediately, sources said.

The width of this dam is 590 meters and height is 52 meters, it has been prepared in the last four years.

A total of Rs 304 crore has been spent in making it.