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14 Aug 2022 05:29





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Keeping an eye on COVID-19 patients

Mortality in Thailand is still high.

"Doctor Nithipat" pointed out that if counting the unreported because of covid as an indirect cause of death, the number may rise to around 50+ people, while new infections are stable.

Waiting for the number of infections in the past week

Consistent with the data of "Doctor Thira", Thailand's death toll is the 13th highest in the world and 4th in Asia, while the World Health Organization states that Omicron accounts for nearly 100 percent of the global epidemic.

The subspecies BA.5 is still strong, with a growing proportion, occupying almost 70 percent of the total.

Thailand still has to be vigilant about the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) when COVID-19 patients

The number of deaths has increased continuously since January 1, 2022, or more than 7 months, with the cumulative death of more than 10,000 bodies, and on August 13, the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (Fri.) Thailand reported 2,140 new cases, 2,132 of them were infected in the country, 7 came from prisons and detention facilities, 1 traveled from abroad, 1,898 more recovered, 21,791 are in treatment in severe condition. 912 intubated, 482 intubated

At the same time, the number of deaths increased by 35 people, aged 23-97, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 4,618,562 since 2020, with 4,565,063 recoveries, and 31,798 deaths. The total number of vaccinations as of August 12 2565 additional injections of 61,920 doses, separated into the first dose: 6,633 patients, the second dose: 11,678 patients, and the third dose: 43,609 patients.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nithipat Jearakul, Head of the Department of Respiratory and Tuberculosis Diseases, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

Siriraj Hospital

Mahidol University

Post on Facebook that the situation at Ban Rim Nam (Hospital. Siriraj) on the second day of a long holiday

is still steadily decreasing

No different than national numbers

But have to wait to win the past numbers of the week before we will see each other soon.

because we still have some premature deaths

If counting the unreported cases of coronavirus as an indirect cause of death, which accounts for around 30 percent, the total number would be around 50+, if the mortality rate of the giant nation is between 0.05 and 0.1 percent. of the infected person

Currently, our home is likely to have between fifty thousand to one hundred thousand people actually infected each day.

But if it's the best, there shouldn't be anyone we love to sacrifice their lives to the covids.

If we are fully vaccinated and have strict discipline, be careful.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nithipat also stated that

For a subspecies that have mutated and have seen frightening fanfare.

As far as checking the latest news

No concerns have been reported.

For them to look simple.

If it is a two decimal subspecies of the omicron from the now active ancestors BA.2, BA.4, and BA.5, eg BA.2.75, BA.2.76, etc., or new found

Until there is no serial number such as Omicron XAK to be considered aware but do not have to panic.

because despite the genetic variation

But the important part is still attached to the ancestors.

not resistant to immunity

Not giving severe symptoms or death from ancestral infection.

or immunity from vaccination

At the same time, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thira Woratanarat from the Faculty of Medicine

Chulalongkorn University

Posted on Facebook about the situation of Thailand's epidemic that from Worldometer data on the morning of August 13, the number of deaths on August 12 was the 13th highest in the world and 4th in Asia, updated from World Health Organization on 10 Aug. ago.

Omicron accounts for more than 99 percent of global outbreaks. The BA.5 subspecies continues to grow.

Most recently, almost 70 percent of the total, while BA.2 dropped to just 1 percent, BA.2.12.1 to 1.3 percent and BA.4, down to 9.1 percent, respectively.

Previous news, such as BA.2.75, must be closely monitored.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera also stated that

update try covid

Latest research on 12 Aug. 2022 by Haberland E and colleagues from Germany.

published in a journal

The International Journal of Clinical Practice studied 206 COVID-19 patients who had mild symptoms.

Most were not hospitalized.

Compared to the population of similar sex and age.

who are not infected with COVID-19

The main thing that was found was

After recovering from infection, when assessing the next 7 months, it was found that those who had been infected before

There will be a significant reduction in the assessment of daily performance.

It was also found that those who were previously infected had lower scores on quality of life than those who were not infected.

The results of the above study

Reminds us of the importance of protecting ourselves on a regular basis, it is best to protect yourself from infection.

On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, the head of the center specializes in clinical virology.

Faculty of Medicine

Chulalongkorn University

Facebook post on the spread of COVID-19

It is now a big outbreak.

can't count

because most of the symptoms are not very

since January

and come to the highest during the rainy season

seasonal respiratory disease

and will begin to decline after September

until mid-October will be less

It's hard to count how many people are infected each day.

Each house will be next to each other in a large number of houses.

How many vaccinations, what brands, no vaccines?

cannot prevent infection

but reducing the severity of the disease

In America, the infection has not decreased.

But the overall global violence has decreased.

The best immunity

is a naturally occurring immune

from infection

and it is even better

hybrid immunity

Vaccination with infection

Should prevent the violence of the next time better.