Russian gas monopolist Gazprom has started supplying additional quantities of gas to Hungary, which should solve the country's energy supply problems in the winter.

This is reported by "Bloomberg", quoted by BNR.

According to Hungary's foreign minister, since August 12, Gazprom has increased supplies by 2.6 million cubic meters per day, and it is expected that these quantities will be maintained at this level until the end of August.

For gas supply, Russia uses Turkish Stream, which passes through the Balkans.

The minister added that negotiations are currently underway to secure additional supplies for September.

Hungary is seeking to buy 700 million cubic meters of additional natural gas above the volumes specified in a multi-year contract with Gazprom to boost its reserves of the blue fuel.

Since May, Gazprom has been burning unsold quantities of natural gas in a controlled fire near the Portovaya compressor station and the LNG terminal of the same name, Bloomberg recalls.

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