Phra Phong Suphan amulet, printed face for Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat

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Phra Phong Suphan, face print for Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat of Sathit, Ratchaburi.

This week, Vibhavadi Stadium of the audience is still in the atmosphere of the end of Mother's Day at Ruang's department store.

You will see cute pictures of mothers and grandchildren.

that go to eat and travel together

Many families have a Mother's Day tradition to pay respects to their mother, who is a "monk in the house".

For us monks, let's start with Phra Phong Suphan, a face print for Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, Suphan Buri, the number 1 popular print of Suphan Buri.

Buddhist Art of the U-Thong Era

It was selected as one of the five monks of the country, the Benjapakee series, and is the only clay amulet.

that were found contained with a metal amulet

There are Buddhist art in various periods, including Sukhothai, U Thong, Lop Buri (a small number of amulets), such as Phra Kamphaeng Sok, Phra Mahesuan, Phra Pathummas, Phra Nak Prok, Phra Suphan Yodtho, and others.

The dungeon was officially opened in 1913 when King Rama VII

visit the city of Suphan

There are amulet prints separated into old faces, middle faces, young faces. 

that opened the dungeon because before

There is an illegal excavation

Remove valuable treasures from the dungeon.

without caring about the monks

Amulets, offerings to the city governor Yi Karnasuta, thus opening the box

found an amulet

A lot of packages are included in a lot.

and found a golden leaf

Tell the history of the temple builder

with the pagoda, namely Somdej U-Thong

or King Ramathibodi

1--The amulet that contains the instructions for worshiping

and the power of holiness

which identifies the creator is

Phra Maha Therapiyatassi Sri Sariputra

Phra Phong Suphan

Created by bringing various kinds of herb pollen powder to be dried and finely ground.

Mix thoroughly filtered soil.

and use honey as a binder to make it homogeneous

Therefore, it was printed as a Buddha image and consecrated by 4 hermits.

The Buddha is a triangular shape.

cut back

There is a thumbprint.

Both spiral and rattan patterns

The flesh of the amulet is yellow, red, green and black. The side edges are hammered.

There are black mold on the skin and tamarind flowers that form spots in the flesh all over the body.

Anyone who meets them should worship Arathana with the chanting of Pahung.

Agarwood, fragrant oil, will find power, invincibility, escape, maha-ud

This amulet belonged to Sia Sathit Ratchaburi, which is the most popular amulet.

standard texture

Points to consider both form, print, amulet, material, stain condition

The fingerprints are clear and complete. It is a real amulet that is easy to see.

A very rare premium level these days.

How long will it take to come out to watch?

Phra Kring in front of Thailand, 1939, Somdej Phra Sangkharat (Pae Tissthewo) of Wat Suthat of A 99.

The second one is

the Phra Kring in front of Thailand

in 1939, Somdej Phra Sangkharat (Phae) of Wat Suthat, Bangkok, built while holding the rank.

His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch in 1939

while chiseling in front of the ax

The country is stressed from the world war.

because Thailand also announced to join the war in 1940

The people were afraid of war.

Faculty of Disciples of His Majesty the King

led by Phra Ajarn Sawang, Wat Saket, Phra Chai Panya, Director-General of the Criminal Court and the Revenue Department, at that time

to nourish

When presenting the word to Chao Prakun Somdet and bowing down to an invitation, he invited him to be the chairman of the construction at Wat Saket.

He ordered to ask

"Isn't it more suitable to do a building ceremony at my temple?" The committee saw this as an opportunity and asked to build a bell Buddha image at Wat Suthat.

to take over the duties of being the mother of the ceremony

It was designed as a sitting Buddha image in a meditation posture.

Above the base of the lotus-faced lotus 7 pairs of hands holding a holy water pot

Pour the gold in the bell pattern. There are 2 types of amulets, called small print and large print.

and also created as a special print

It is larger than the two prints. Underneath the base are landmarks as characters of wealth cast deep into the flesh.

Build number

Phra Kring in front of India, large and small, 4,000 pieces, Phra Kring Na Phokhasap, 400

The amulet is made of alloy.

There is mainly golden meat, Lam-U.

Consists of 108 na 14 talisman plates fused with Pod Duang money.

and the royal seal, 1 tablet each

The ceremony was scheduled for January 23, 1939 at the Ubosot, Wat Suthat, Chao Prakun Somdet.

He was the president of pouring gold by himself.

At the end of the ceremony, Somdej saw everyone who attended the event exhausted.

Therefore, Chao Khun Sri brought the remaining gold slate to build a bell

to give as a reward to the work assistant

Chao Khun Sri

therefore asked for permission to build it in the celebration of the King's birthday

of Chao Prakun Somdej

which corresponds to Sunday, November 26, 1939, as a bell in front of Thailand

with a yellowish-white alloy inside

The back skin is brown, 500 Buddha statues, Phra Chaiwat Nam Taeng

And a total of 2,000 gourds -- this one of the fan club is called A 99, a bell amulet in front of Thailand.

perfect original condition

Pidta amulet, small print, powder mixed with love, love, love, Luang Pho Kaew, Kruawan temple, Kamnan Mana Kongwutpanya.

The third item is

Phra Pidta Pimjew.

Powder mixed with love and love, Luang Pho Kaew, Kruawan Temple.

Mueang Chon Buri District, 1 in the standard print amulet

has been highly popular in the genus

"Phra Pidta Luang Por Kaew" that can be said that it is the rarest and least found print in the family.

From the past to the present, there are less than 10 real Buddha amulets that are accepted in the industry. This amulet of Kamnan Mana Kongwuthipanya is one of them that has a clear print that is correct according to standards.

The meat of the complete amulet--Amulet has love coated

Tell the age of old, really old like this.

The straight line saw it and then raised a finger to tell the price of the big print kids after the same way.

Amulet statue, antique cast, eye print, Luang Phor Ngern, Bang Khlan Temple of Pairote Thirathamrongchaikul.

The other amulet is an


amulet with eye print, Luang Phor Ngern, Bang Khlan Temple, Pho Thale District, Phichit Province, which ranks as a monk.

Immortal popular teacher

Created by casting method with ancient typography.

is a metal alloy

Performing a casting ceremony at Bang Khlan Temple

By having the devotees bring gold, silver, otter, and join them to melt and pour into the amulet.

with coin casting small spade

with Luang Por presiding over the ceremony.

Currently, it is a statue of the first monk, beautiful, easy to see, in perfect condition, like this one of Siaphai Roj Thirathamrongchaikul.

There used to be a high price of ten million. I will tell you.

Phra Nang Phaya, weaving shed, printed with ears, Wat Pho of chicken, Phitsanulok.

Next is

Phra Nang Phaya

, a large weaving shed (with ears) of Wat Pho, Mueang District, Phitsanulok Province, another clay amulet.

Buddhist art in Ayutthaya period

triangular shape

who is popular as "Phra Nang Phaya"

because it is believed to be a monk created in the contemporary era

by the same creator

which is considered from the print

that resembles the amulet of Wat Nang Phaya

especially print sangha

It was also found in Phitsanulok City Hall. 

even if the time is different

But it is popular to worship instead.

because of experience

power of dignity

Both elusive, invulnerable, mercy, great fortune

pronounced the same

But the price of goodwill is still lagging behind.

Beautiful amulet like this one of Sia Kai Phitsanulok is only at the top of the hundred thousand.

And I can assure you that I will go further.

Because I have reported the movements of the monks industry for the 25th year. I have come here and have never seen amulets on sale.

It only goes up -- and it's probably something to buy and sell.

That can raise the price for no reason because the only reason is that if you like it, you pay

Silver bell coin, 1973, Luang Phor Kasem, Trilak Cemetery Monastery, belonging to Dol and Pound.

The other item is a

silver bell coin

, 1973, Luang Por Kasem Khemko.

Trilak Cemetery Monastery, Lampang Province

The most widely known

On the occasion of the Great Tragedy Day, 14 October 1973, students and people gathered to demand democracy.

repel the military government

There was a suppression of the demonstrators with weapons of war.

One of them had the news, "Long Shank", a student standing in front of a tank with three high beams fighting in front of a tank.

The guard fired a gun in the garden, but it appears that not a single bullet hit the student.

It was later revealed as news that

he is northern

In the neck of Luang Pho Kasem coin, the bell model.

stay one coin

Which later became popular as a monk coin of the era, known as the M 16 coin, in this picture is a silver coin, beautiful condition, champion of the Dol and Pound duo.

The heart of a lion, ivory, carved tusks, Phra Kru Niwat Thammakhan (Luang Por Derm Buddhasaro), Nong Pho Temple, Phet Itthi.

Today, there is an excellent amulet for you to see, namely

the lion's heart

, sheep tusks, Phra Kru Niwat Thammakhan (Luang Por Derm Buddhasaro), Nong Pho Temple, Phayuha Khiri District, Nakhon Sawan Province. It is a sheep ivory amulet.

The craftsmanship of Pak Nam Pho City

at the original Luang Pho

You made it as an amulet.

with a unique style of posture pattern in the lion

It is also called Sing Sam Kwan as well.

But there are many differences in the shape.

which is both a pure lion

Frameless (most common) rectangular frame

heart frame

As in this picture of Sia Petch Itthi, which is exquisitely beautiful with high craftsmanship.

and is believed to be a lion form.

with the power of mercy, great popularity, high on the specification

Popularity in today's era--makes you have to fight the price as high as 3 hundred thousand.

Spirit magazine, assorted books of Wat Thewarat.

Finally, it's a charity show on Mother's Day to tell fans who want them.

amulet book

Well, there is a standard story.

Because Spirit Art 2011, which marks its ninth anniversary, has organized a special event by bringing the book Spirit Art and Antique published more than ten years ago.

And still not much preserved to offer to Chao Khun Phra Thepkunaphorn

Abbot of Wat Thewarat Kunchorn

To reward those who make merit with the temple

There are 10 books in this set, packed in hard boxes (mixed books, as is), originally sold for 2,000 per set (199 baht per book).

If anyone has been a member will know that the pictures and stories in this book.

Has created a buzz for the monk industry all the time.

Because the amulet in the collection of national collectors, 5-star amulets can be published, which is not easy to obtain permission from the owner of each monk.

After printing, many people asked for it.

Today is a chance to get good, old, rare books to use for study and research.

Anyone who wants it, hurry up. The rule is to transfer money to make merit directly.

Go to Wat Thewarat and bring the slip to pick up the book (heavy) but ask the temple before transferring.

that the book is still left or not

Because there are only 30 copies left in this world--I've seen them in old bookstores, selling for 300 each.

Account of Wat Thewarat Kunchorn Worawihan

Siam Commercial Bank, Thewet Branch, No. 020-282041-8, which Spirit Company Limited

The minimum price is set at only 999 baht per set. Who will contribute more?

It will be a charity for you and your family.

Or whoever buys it all, it's less than 30,000 baht. Let everyone be happy because they can't find it anymore.

Coming to the end of the Sanam Phra style. Today, the fan club said that

on the day of Buddhist Lent

It's a long holiday.

have the whole frame

Buddha amulet necklace, amulet box, the shop is in the market in Phutthamonthon area.

I saw it as an opportunity to take my daughter near 3 years old to make merit at the temple.

Before taking them, they had to ask for permission from grandparents for a long time.

because he is a cherished grandson

It is loved by the members of the household.

especially grandparents

Because he is a cute, round, chubby, chubby boy who speaks well and talks to his grandparents all day.

Before going, grandparents told grandchildren that they went to the temple to make merit.

If you find something, remember to share it with your grandparents.

Grandparents will also receive merit.

When I got home, my granddaughter got into the car and ran to the grandparents who were waiting to pick me up.

When he saw his grandson, he smiled.

Ask how the child went to the temple, what did he do?

The nephew answered in a loud voice that he had worshiped God.

Grandfather asked how the old monk or the young monk dressed. What did the monk give the blessing? The grandson replied that the statue didn't give any blessing.

The monk just stood with his hands together.

Grandfather listened and thought, 'Oh, it's probably a Buddha image, so he asked how the monk dressed, but the grandson said the monk wasn't wearing any clothes.

Stand with your hands together and see the dick.

Grandma listened to this, she was shocked and turned to ask the son who followed him.

What god do you take your child to worship?

Why don't the monks wear clothes? Mr. Teera laughs loudly and says, 'Oh, he's an Ai Khai monk.

At the temple, I set it up for people to pray for good luck, Amita Buddha.