Kets Bua Tum, smiling Buddha image

Plai Chumphon

14 Aug 2022 6:15 a.m.





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Until today, the power of the amulet market mechanism

It also attracts Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang.

Pimket Bua Tum

Can enter a few circles

confirm the belief

This print has a smaller number.

compared to large print

Pagoda print

and print base Sam

The printed part of Pho

have to give benefits

It is the smallest type.

Even though day by day, there will be a kind of Bua Tum printing...different molds come out to see.

But it is still believed that Ket Bua Tum changes hands and trades for only two prints.

Narrow lion base print

and print a wide lion base

It is said that only the narrow base of Singha prints, familiar circles, Phra Khun Montri, and the thick print lines are considered the teacher.

There are a few likenesses to be compared with each other.

Other than that, the lion's base is narrow as well.

but the printed lines are thinner

Some people may view it as the same type.

But the printing press is clear, deep, shallow, different, but in my view, it's a different type.

Ket Bua Tum, Wat Rakhang

The base of the lion is narrow, the lines are thin.

One of them has been unveiling for more than ten years.

He was a good-looking one, but guessed that the owner was not a great master.

low ad promotion

But still, for people who are monks together... are considered as teachers.

A role model, especially in terms of looks

Let others compare

When compared to the one of the Boa Tum Bang Khun Phrom...

Attached with printed lines, very sharp, apart from the blister of the face

Slaughter is a sharp line.

The amulet line is separated to be seen.

There is also a diagonal line running across…

This line, try to see if it is a line that separates the amulet, or if it looks like an extra line, it's not wrong.

if found in which one

regarded as a real monk

Because there are no fakes, but still, this observation is not to be skeptical about it...there may be fake lines but I haven't found it yet.

Ket Bua Tum printed this one... that I accidentally compared with Bang Khun Phrom.

Another type that is called in full

Bua Tum assassin

Called abbreviated as Titum, which accidentally compares because the line across the lap is seen as well.

Describe Bua Tum

Narrow lion base print

This print is long

It is to be used as a knowledge to consider Ket Bua Tum, the golden lacquered body in today's column...

Contrast level

to the size of two sanghathi lines, sharp, the edge of the robe that turns to spoon

under the armpit is also sharp

The amulet saw the lines crossing

that emerges as excess meat at the end of the right amulet

Not including the face of the Buddha... who sees the nose, mouth, eyes as blisters.

Including all the lines, the base of the three layers and the lines to the arch lines.

So it reached the frame of the mirror on all four sides.

This is Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang, Ket Bua Tum, with a narrow lion base... the most beautiful.

In the number of Phra Kets Bua Tum amulets that have been launched in the industry...

If it is considered a case study, it may be called an important “discovery” that should be considered together.

The owner of the monk decided to let the picture be published...

for the reason that

It's considered an unofficial registration.

Kets Bua Tum called Ong

this smile

Already have the owner

If by mistake

To be in someone else's hand for some strange reason

will be used as follow-up evidence

Do not ask "how much" Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang Pimket Bua Tum

Beautiful condition like this. There is no price. Let's just say it's a personal fortune.

Others can only see the picture as a should be enough.

Plai Chumphon