FBI seized 'top secret' and even more sensitive documents from former President Donald Trump's estate

Donald Trump - American businessman and politician Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in New York in Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

This was reported by the AP.

The agency cited court documents.

FBI agents took 11 sets of classified documents from the mansion during Monday's search.

Among the seized documents are those designated not only as top secret but also as "sensitive information" - a special category designed to protect the country's most important secrets that, if disclosed publicly, could cause "extremely severe" consequences. harms US interests.

The court documents did not provide specific details about the information the documents may contain.

Federal agents were investigating potential violations of three different federal laws, including one governing the collection, transfer or loss of defense information under the Espionage Act.

The other laws address the concealment, mutilation, or removal of documents and the destruction, alteration, or falsification of documents in federal investigations.

Trump has said he will testify as part of an investigation into his company

Trump has said all the documents seized by the agents are "declassified" and said he would turn them over if the Justice Department requested it.

While sitting presidents generally have the right to declassify information, that authority expires once they leave office, and it was unclear whether the documents in question were ever declassified.

Even a sitting president's authority to declassify information can be limited with respect to secrets related to nuclear weapons programs, covert operations and operatives, as well as some data shared with allies.

Trump has retained possession of the documents despite multiple requests from agencies, including the National Archives, to turn over the presidential records in accordance with federal law.

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