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Destiny Chongsakul

14 Aug 2022 6:01 a.m.





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News "Shake the Bottle" this weekend, the aftermath of Happy Birthday, the 77th anniversary of Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, "Big Brother" of the Burapha Yak has passed successfully.

In addition to the people of the party and the political circle joined together to bless everyone.

The indispensable thing is "2 years old." "Nong Klang - Little brother"

Good day is Srisuk, so I took the opportunity to hold my knees and talk to the 3 brothers.

Where did you confirm it?

Where are you going together?

leave no one behind

This means that if Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha has to vacate the position of Prime Minister "2 brothers", he is ready to bid farewell to politics as well.

But if it continues, it is always stable with position and unity. There is no division. Who will come to waste time?

There is no possible way...

There are two major chains in Thai politics today that will blossom and bear fruit, all of which are related to the whole political system.

1. Election rules governing

The pending decree seems to be struggling.

Because politicians play a game of tricking legs until they are all messed up.

From dividing 500, it reverts back to dividing 100.

August 15, 65, which is the last day that this law will expire in 180 days, if this condition is not passed, it must be dropped.

must continue to be excited that the council will collapse

Did not complete a quorum?

2. Eight years on the prime minister's chair.

Gen. Prayut, who will be due on August 24, 65, which the final chapter is at the Constitutional Court to decide.

You can go further or roll up the mat to go home.

An interesting point is

One piece of evidence of the 60's constitution drafters of Mr. Mechai Ruchuphan, the chairman of the CDC, and Mr. Suphot Kaimuk, the deputy of the CDC.

That reinforces that "The 8-year tenure is counted as the prime minister.

before the promulgation of the current constitution.”

“In order to prevent a long stay in office, this could lead to a political crisis.

because they have been in power for too long.”

It is a recorded opinion, although it is not the resolution of

committee full committee

and cannot be used as a reference

But the consideration of the Constitutional Court may be used for consideration.

This means that it is a piece of information that comes out that is hopeful.

because before this document emerged

No one knows how much the intent of the constitution drafters wanted.

Therefore, the Constitutional Court can take this memorandum into consideration and decide whether

Prime Minister

Where did that start?

Whether it's 8 years or not 8 years, it's a reason.

It is said that the 60th Constitution was intended primarily for the benefit of extending the power pipe to the NCPO.

"Our constitution"... just like that.

Therefore, if the NCPO wants anything, the drafters can already provide everything.

But accidentally that he was careful to keep the details carefully and concise.

Therefore, this story has emerged as a historical record.

Until today, "3 years" will be able to feel at a certain level.

Because I'm sure the result will be more positive than negative.

is to be able to continue to be Prime Minister

But beware of "falling from a dead horse", you can pretend to play!

"Likit Chongsakul"