What factors make many people survive from covid?

but don't underestimate

because try covid is more scary

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12 Aug 2022 19:09





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Covid has been over 2 years. Many people have survived for many seasons.

I've never been infected with COVID, regardless of species.

since Wuhan

original breed

until it came to the queue of Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omikron, and especially the subspecies of Omikron.

can spread quickly

Even though there is a high risk close to people who have been infected with covids many times

or go outside in a high-risk area

But it survived unbelievably.

How many times have you tested negative for the infection?

no symptoms

or because of luck

or caused by any factors

make it safe for a long time

until the National Communicable Disease Committee

Has resolved to adjust the covid disease from a dangerous communicable disease.

Become a contagious disease that must be monitored starting October 1, 2022, and in the future, the care of COVID

Probably the same as any other respiratory disease.

As some doctors came out to specify or not.

and people who have never been infected with covid

Might have to stick like most people.

because this disease will be with us forever.

in science

There is no clear answer as to why some people have never been infected with COVID.

and now there are many groups of researchers

Studying people who have never been infected with covid or Novids. What is the cause?

It is expected that the main factor in heredity

covid vaccination

and being very careful

both wearing a mask

washing hands

and avoid meeting people

But people have never been infected with covid before.

is steadily decreasing

Worldwide, the number of coronavirus infections is expected to cross 600 million by the end of August.

Singapore's Channel News Asia (CNA) reported that some theories have identified people who have never been infected with the coronavirus.

This may be because the virus that has been inherited cannot enter the body's cells.

and unable to enter the respiratory system

Because each human has different immune systems.

But the effectiveness of immunity depends on age and genetics. Scientists have found that more than 20% of the genetics is another factor in the severity of the disease.

until able to resist the coronavirus

But with the covid situation

no one can predict

which being careful to protect yourself from getting infected with covid is probably the best

And there is always a warning.

With concern from "Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera Worathanarat" Faculty of Medicine

Chulalongkorn University

Has raised a warning from the US Food and Drug Administration against the use of ATK to beware of false negative results.

That may be one of the reasons why some people understand that they are not infected with COVID as ATK often has sensitivity issues.

Can cause high false negatives, meaning infected but testing negative

It gives a chance to be careless and live life without defense.

and can spread to close people and communities

“I have been warned since early years that ATK has been used in Thailand until now.

Be careful about false negatives.

which is repeated periodically

very important

people with a history of touch

or suspected to be infected

But there are no symptoms. If the ATK test results negative the first time, don't be complacent. The test should be repeated in 48 hours and even if the result is still negative again.

should be repeated a third time in the next 48 hours, or go for an RT-PCR test or consult a doctor.”

In the event that some people have survived many seasons of covid infection.

may be caused by that genetic

There is still no evidence to determine

But whether or not being infected with COVID depends on risky behavior.

Because the coronavirus is transmitted by touch

meeting people up close

are not far enough apart.

It is also caused by the frequency of meeting people.

increased risk of infection

and improperly wearing a hygienic mask causes infection with covid without knowing

including going to places without ventilation

a stuffy area

which has latent virus floating in the air

These are the truths that are found daily.

Until some people do not know where the infection came from.

“Even after many seasons of being infected with COVID

Survive the highly invasive delta species.

But when meeting Omikron, it spreads even faster.

and also found that the context of society has changed

All countries try to relax activities.

able to travel

It's too much of a risk.

especially when the school is open

Make this season consecutive to the whole household.

Some of them are from open schools.

and travel

make the jackpot infected with covid

The epidemic situation in Thailand found that the number of deaths on August 11, 2022 is the 13th highest in the world and 5th in Asia, although the Ministry of Public Health.

The reporting system has been adjusted to exclude deaths with other diseases since May 1, until the number has been greatly reduced.

but the real numbers

of deaths from coronavirus infection

inevitably higher than what was seen in the report, reflecting the continued severity of the outbreak.

and cause loss

Therefore, complete vaccination

Be careful about risky activities

risky behavior

and risk locations

Wearing a mask correctly and consistently

is also the heart

because if infected with covid

There will be problems with trying covid.

It's a more terrifying thing.

because there is no specific treatment

which the world needs time to study treatment

Therefore, we ask everyone to remind us to live carefully.

because covid is still with us

Even vaccinated, but not prevented.

can still get sick and die

And most importantly, there is no cure for covid.