Horse-carriage horse fainted from the heat

Due to the increasing heat in America

, the situation is getting worse.

Due to this , the

horse of a special carriage in

New York City fell unconscious.

This incident happened on Wednesday.

People standing on the side of the road were looking at the scared horse.

Those who love animals are now talking about stopping the practice of horse-carriage.

The video of this incident is

 circulating on

social media .

Horse Rider The rider fainted in the Manhattan Hell Kitchen area, on W 45th Street and 9th Avenue.

According to People Magazine, a man panicked and called 911 and then a mounted unit in the New York Police Department (NYPD) reached the spot. 

BREAKING: This horse COLLAPSED while pulling a carriage in NYC, likely from heat exhaustion, and has been down for over an hour.

Horses don't belong in big cities where they're put in constant danger because of cars, humans, weather, and more.

— PETA (@peta) August 10, 2022

The New York Police Department (NYPD) took care of the health of the four-legged friend, New York Police said that it is a very serious matter.

At the same time, he expressed happiness that the trained officer gave timely cooperation.

New York Police said in a statement. 

In a video it was told that the two officers sprayed water on the horse from a pipe and helped the animal to stay cool.

New York Police said that "the animal was lying disturbed in the middle of the road." 

Another video showed that when the horse stood up, the people standing nearby applauded and were happy.

According to the UK newspaper Metro, the police took a horse to the shelter. 

Some people were present on the road where the incident took place.

He said that the horse had fallen to the ground initially.

The driver of this horse carriage was lashing out to make the horse stand and the horse was trying to stand up.