Gjilan Regional Directorate, Kamenica Police Station on 02.08.2022 has received a complaint from a person that in his stable located in the village of Lisockë, Municipality of Kamenica, unknown persons allegedly broke in by force from where they had stolen some agricultural equipment in a significant amount.

According to the media release, the Investigations Unit of the Kamenica Police Station after a well-organized operative work on 11.08.2022 managed to locate and consequently arrest a person EZ (2002) who had committed the criminal offense and the stolen tools had sold them to the second suspect RR (1968).

further in the announcement it is announced that the stolen vehicles have been confiscated by the Kosovo Police and have been returned to the rightful owner.

"The two suspects were interviewed based on legal procedures in the presence of lawyers.

In relation to the case, the State Prosecutor has been notified, who has ordered that the case with a criminal report be processed in a regular procedure at the Basic Prosecutor's Office in Gjilan", the announcement states.