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Last year, the Republic of North Macedonia paid the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) 6.5 million euros in fines in the form of interest and costs for unspent funds due to an agreed but undrawn loan for the construction of the Belyakovci - Kriva Palanka railway line, the news agency reported. site Factor.

This is the second of a total of three sections to be built for the railway connection with Bulgaria, part of the pan-European Corridor number 8. 

The information was confirmed by the state-owned company "Railway Infrastructure" in its annual report for last year, in which the company again entered with a loss of five million euros with accrued depreciation, although revenues in 2021 are 1.5 million euros more higher than the previous year.

"Infrastructure" paid this money to the EBRD with its own funds last year.

The amount amounts to 394 million denars (about 6.4 million euros).

The total costs for interest and undrawn funds to the international creditor amount to 405 million denars (about 6.6 million euros), since 11,483,000 denars (186,964 euros) as fines to the EBRD have also been paid for the section Kumanovo - Belyakovtsi.

Last year was used to evaluate operators interested in redeveloping and building this section.

Last month, the government signed the documents that will implement two phases of the railway connection with Bulgaria.

The investment is for 200 million euros, part of which is a loan and part is a grant.

The selected operators are the Austrian "Strabag" and the Turkish "Gülermak".


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