"If the police do not give a decision yet, we will return to our activity".

This is what one of the owners of water vehicles in Durrës said to "Euronews Albania".

He said that even though he has regular documentation, his business has been suspended, causing him huge losses.

"We will escalate.

They should give us a decision that should be written so that we can base ourselves somewhere, to turn to the court.

Or we have the right to continue exercising the activity.

I believe so.

From all the announcements in Albania, the part of those who operate in tourism will continue the business exercise, those who are in accordance with the law.

They said that they will go out to sea.

Only our part is being penalized and is not going out to sea," he emphasized.

A few days ago, the owners of watercraft held a meeting with leaders of the State Police, regarding the decision to ban the activity of watercraft on the country's beaches.

They hope the situation will be resolved within a few days, as there is a cost to them.

The arrest and control of the vehicles by the police comes after the serious incident recorded in Himare, where a 7-year-old girl lost her life.

/Euronews Albania/