Open the mind of uncle 3 years.

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13 Aug. 2022 06:50 a.m.





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Thai people of Thai nationality, Thai nationality, no one knows "Uncle 3 P." Because "Uncle 3 P." is a strategic partner that binds

Lack of power in Thai politics for 8 years

Everyone knows that "Uncle 3 Por" consists of Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Gen. Anupong Phaochinda and Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha.

Attempts were made to use a chisel to pierce/use a spade to break/use a crowbar to pry/let "Uncle 3 Por" break up.

But it can't make the "three year old brothers" break up at all.

Because Uncle 3 P. knows well when they split up.

One child is broken!!

"Mae Lukchan" pointed out that the person who has the greatest influence in decision-making in the "Uncle 3 Por" group is "Gen. Anupong Paochinda", Minister of the Interior.

Gen. Anupong is a sharp person.

He is the most mysterious person in the 3 year old brothers.

Therefore, when Gen. Anupong opened his mouth to talk about the relationship of the “Three Phor Group”, it must be interesting.

Because this is the words of "Sena Thikan Yai", the 3 P movement!!

Recently, Gen. Anupong gave an interview to reporters after going to the 77th birthday of Gen. Prawit, the big brother, 3 years ago yesterday.

There are important issues... have to put up to 5 points beside the lid!!

Issue 1,

Gen. Anupong reiterated that the relationship with "three years brothers and sisters" is still tight.

Because the three brothers and sisters of Bai Tao come together and when you go, you have to go together.

Issue 2,

Gen. Anupong confirmed that Gen. Prawit, the big brother, 3 P., does not have the desire to rein in the prime minister's chair instead of Gen. Prayut, the 3 year old little brother, as rumored.

If Gen. Prayut

Is there a need to get out of the prime minister's chair in the middle??

Gen. Prawit will not accept the stick as prime minister instead!!

Issue 3,

if the Constitutional Court determines that

Gen. Prayut has to leave the prime minister.

Due to the completion of 8 years in office on August 24

The group of 3 year old uncles will join hands together to go on stage together for 3 people.

Issue 4,

if Gen. Prayut

Still going until the big elections early next year, Gen. Anupong will run for elections.

Are the MPs full or not??

P'Klang 3 P.S. replied confidently, "No"!!

Issue 5,

when it's time for the 3P group to take the scene home.

Will you prepare to place yourself as a "three year heir" in order to continue the power or not??

Gen. Anupong replied immediately, "There is no heir for 3 years."!!

"Mae Luk Chan" believes that if the Constitutional Court holds Prime Minister Uncle Tu to stay beyond the August 24 deadline

Prime Minister Uncle Tu will adjust

The Cabinet will definitely receive a big election battle!!

It is expected that this period will bounce into and bounce out of several ministries.

But Gen. Anupong Phi Klang, 3 Por. still settled in control of the Ministry of Interior, strong as before.

There was no way "Uncle Tu" would kick "Uncle Pok" out of the chair.

Minister of the Interior, as rumored about

Don't tease, don't pry, you'll be tired for free.

"Moon Moon"