While politicians and experts debate who is to blame, whether there are liquefied gas ships, whether the link with Greece will work, fertilizer plants have begun to close production and lay off workers.

This is what the BSP leader wrote

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is Cornelia Ninova

Kornelia Ninova is a Bulgarian politician from the BSP, a member of the Parliamentary Group of the Coalition for Facebook.

The Minister of Economy and Industry is yet to conduct a survey of how many companies operate on gas and give them instructions to reduce consumption by 15%.

These data are available - 28,000 enterprises use gas.

They employ 250,000 people.

Don't make them cut back on gas.

It can not happen.

If they do, they have to stop working and some of them will never be able to start the machines again, added the BSP leader

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is 

Temenuzhka Petkova (GERB): The Petkov cabinet paid the firm a colossal sum to conduct the negotiations with Gazprom

Valuable time is wasted in arguments and actions.

The topic is ideologized and used in an election campaign, and it is vitally important for the state and the people.

The solution at this stage for the economy and households is only one - immediate negotiations with Gazprom.

So did a number of European leaders.

We have been repeating it since March.

Not if necessary, as the Acting Minister of Energy says.

It is now imperative," she added, Ninova pointed out in her speech. 

Cornelia Ninova



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