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A man (51 years old) from Pomorie stabbed his neighbors with a knife because of the barking of their pet dog.

This was announced by the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Burgas.

Seven stab wounds were inflicted on the injured 46-year-old man's body - three in the left arm, three in the chest and a stab wound in the abdomen.

The woman also had a stab wound to her abdomen.

The incident happened around 15:50 yesterday on "Knyaz Boris Parvi" street.

A man was stabbed in Plovdiv while walking his dog

There, the 51-year-old man, after an argument with his neighbors, took out a folding knife with which he stabbed them. 

The victims were admitted to a hospital for treatment, without danger to life.

The perpetrator said that the problem between the neighbors was long-standing, and he repeatedly made remarks about the barking dog.

The knife with which the crime was committed was found.

Work on the case continues.

stabbed with a knife