A meeting of the Management Board of the Association of Azerbaijan Tourism Agencies was held on August 12.

According to the information given to APA by the organization, the meeting discussed the creation of a new structure of ATAA, the establishment of the Association's direction of activity in the post-pandemic period, as well as the plans and strategies to be implemented for the upcoming period.

Within the framework of the meeting, at the same time, ideas were exchanged on the expansion of mutual tourism relations with international partners, holding business meetings with the embassies of foreign countries in Azerbaijan.

At the meeting, ATAA Chairman Goydeniz Kahramanov, who touched on the importance of expanding cooperation between the Association and tourism companies, said that the Association will support the activities of tourism companies in the future, solve the difficulties they face, and form healthy competition in the tourism market.

Goydeniz Kahramanov noted that the activities of most tourism companies have been restored during the post-pandemic period and said that new opportunities have arisen for the country's tourism industry and that the Association will actively work in this direction by working together with tourism agencies.

Within the framework of the meeting, new members were admitted to the Association.