Our next topic is about strange village names in Ujar region.

The local office of APA TV reports that one such settlement is Gazyan village of Ujar region.

Gazyan village is one of the largest villages in our country.

It has an area of ​​740.3 hectares, a population of 7400 people, and 1351 farms, located 10 km from the district center, on the Shirvan plain.

According to the report of the local office of APA TV, the residents of the village believe that Gazyan village is the largest settlement in the region, so the regional governor lived in this village.

When travelers met each other, when they asked where they came from or where they were going, they would receive the answer: "We are coming from Gazi" or "We are going to Gazi".

Gradually, these words were shortened and started to be used in the form of "Gazyan".

"Gazyan Encyclopedia"

and in the book, folk etymology is not accepted as correct.

We were also interested in the meaning of the name of Gulaband village, another village of the district.

Residents say that there are 2 folk etymologies for the name of the village.

It should be noted that in our country there are toponyms that are even more strange and funny than the ones we have listed in this topic, which become a laughing stock of the residents living there.