"Azerkhalcha" OJSC announced its financial report for 2020.

According to "APA-Economics" financial report, OJSC ended 2020 with a net loss.

Thus, during this period, the sales revenue of "Azerkhalcha" was 5.2 million manats (17 times more than in 2019), the cost of sales was 4.6 million manats (12 times more), and other revenues were 1.2 million manats.

Administrative and operational costs were 5.1 million manats, and net income from foreign currency transactions was equal to 109 thousand manats.

During the reporting period, "Azerkhalcha" did not pay taxes and ultimately closed the year with a net loss of 3.3 million manats (38.5% less than in 2019).

In 2019, JSC announced a net loss of 5.3 million manats.

As of January 1, 2021, the assets of "Azerkhalcha" decreased by 0.5% to 107 million manats, and the total liabilities increased by 63% to 1 million manats.

The total capital of the company decreased by 0.9% to 105.9 million manats, including the accumulated loss increased by 36% to 13.8 million manats.