Several satellite images appear to show extensive damage and several destroyed Russian warplanes at an air base in Crimea following explosions earlier this week.

According to foreign media, the Saky base in the west of Russian-ruled Crimea was rocked by a series of explosions on Tuesday, leaving one person dead.

Ukraine has not claimed responsibility - but this new evidence suggests the possibility of a targeted attack, writes the BBC.

Saky Air Base on August 9 – before the explosions

And the images, from US-based Planet Labs, show large areas of scorched earth left by the fires that broke out.

Saky Air Base on August 10 – after the explosions.

Several damaged fighter planes are visible

The base's main runways appear to be intact, but at least eight planes appear to be damaged and destroyed, with several visible craters.

Most of them are in a certain area of ​​the base where a large number were parked outside - away from the cover of the hangars.

The before-and-after images from Planet Labs, which monitors hundreds of satellite feeds over Ukraine, are the first independent confirmation that the base may have been damaged.

Until now, details about the extent of the impact of the explosions have been scarce.

But it is still not clear how the base was damaged or by what.

Russia insists the blasts were caused by ammunition detonating in a warehouse due to a breach of fire safety rules.

Ukraine has not claimed responsibility - and its defense minister suggested that careless Russian soldiers may be to blame.