"Five "arrivals" were recorded in the area of ​​the station's command post - right next to the welding area and the storage of radiation sources.

The grass caught fire in a small area, but fortunately, no one was hurt, - the report "Nastoyachesie vremya" quotes.

"Five more "arrivals" took place in the area of ​​the fire station, located not far from the ZNPP."

"Energaatam" noted that the situation at the station is under control.

The so-called head of the Zaporizhia regional administration, who was appointed by the Russian troops,

Yevhen Balitsky

accused the armed forces of shelling.

He said that "at least three flights were recorded in the area of ​​the storage of radioactive isotopes".

The Zaporizhia NPP is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, located in the city of Energodar, which came under the control of the Russian military in March of this year.

The nuclear power plant was previously shelled on August 5 and 7.

As a result, as "Energaat" reported, the electric substation "Pramen" was damaged, and the NPP site near one of the energy blocks, where the nuclear reactor is located, was also hit.

One of the three working energy blocks was turned off.

Ukraine and Russia accused each other of shelling.

The Ukrainian nuclear agency also wrote on its social networks about the alleged detonation of the Zaporizhia NPP and the plans of the Russian military to blow up the NPP.

The Russian side denies that the station was mined and calls this information "rejection from the West."

  • On August 10, the heads of foreign affairs of the "big seven" countries called on Russia to immediately return control of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant to Ukraine.

    On the same day, Russia called for a meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the "Ukrainian shelling" of the nuclear power plant.