The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jovanka Trenčevska, today participated in the youth conference "Youth in the Open Balkans - chances and perspectives for reliable progress in the region".

In her speech, Trenčevska highlighted the Ministry's commitments, which include youth policies that enable easier inclusion of young people in the labor market.

"We, as the Government and as the Minister for Labor and Social Policy, are focused on a systematic approach to solving the challenges faced by young people in the Republic of North Macedonia in the field of employment and in the field of acquiring skills, which they will make them more competitive in the labor market, as well as make employment easier", Trenčevska said.

She added that the youth guarantee, as part of European support initiatives, aims to provide young people aged 15 to 29 with a quality offer for employment, education and continuing training or apprenticeship within a period of 4 months from the day of registration. in the Employment Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia./Telegrafi/