The Ecoinspection in Veliko Tarnovo is checking a report of dead fish in the Yantra River, the press center of RIOSV reported.

The inspection was carried out following reports of the presence of dead fish in the area of ​​the Stambolovi bridge.

The results show that there is a lack of oxygen in this section of the Yantra River, but given the summer period, these values ​​are typical for surface waters.

The reason for the depletion of oxygen in the water can be explained by the presence of a large amount of retained sediment/sediment, low water, high temperatures and low river velocity, as well as the heavy turbidity of the water from the heavy rain on Tuesday evening (August 9).

The inspection was carried out by experts of RISV-Veliko Tarnovo, together with the Regional Laboratory in the regional city of the Executive Agency for the Environment

The water samples taken will be examined in laboratory conditions according to indicators: ammonium nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, total nitrogen, COD, BOD5, ortho PO4 (as P), total phosphorus (as P) and undissolved substances, where it will be established whether chemical contamination is present.

A dead fish floats in the "Ivaylovgrad" dam

Veliko Tarnovo