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From today, a protective face mask will have to be worn only when citizens are in medical facilities, pharmacies, opticians, specialized institutions for the provision of social services and in residential-type social services for children and adults.

Masks will also be required when using public transport and staying at the relevant stops/stations that are indoors.

As of today, masks are only in certain places


The new cases of coronavirus in our country for the last 24 hours are 1429


Enev is accused after the case in which human remains were found in the land next to the cemetery park in the village of Klisura.

It became clear that for one of the persons whose identity was established, the sons of the deceased paid Georgi Enev the sum of BGN 1,000 for cremation, and then received an urn, which the accused claimed were the ashes of the deceased elderly man.

The court is looking at the measure of the funeral agent Georgi Enev


Two of the large fires in the Haskovo region have been brought under control, BNR reported.

A military formation will be involved this morning in extinguishing the fire near the village of Bryagovo, because of which a state of emergency was declared in Haskovo Municipality yesterday.

A military formation will be involved in extinguishing the fire near the village of Bryagovo


There are three active outbreaks in Haskovsko


Is there another place on the Russian feeder…?


"Russia is not an unreliable partner. Now things have gone a bit wrong and politics has replaced the economy"...

He indicated that he was worried about the contract with Gazprom.

In his words, talking about the subject is so multidirectional that you can't catch the end of it.

"I don't know if we won't have to pay for what we didn't use," added Manolov.

Dimitar Manolov (KT Podkrepa): Russia is not an unreliable partner


In principle, a caretaker government is appointed to ensure that elections are held.

This caretaker government does not stop making changes in spheres and departments that have nothing to do with either elections or the electoral process...

Ivo Ivanov is the new chairman of the API Board