At the Basic Court in Prizren, on Thursday, the trial of the accused Sylejman Ahmeti, who is being accused of taking the life of the late Sh.K, because of a debt of 20 euros, ended.

Prosecutor Metush Biraj, in his final speech, requested that Ahmeti be found guilty, punished according to the law, and that the aggravating circumstances be taken into account due to the high degree of intent to commit the criminal offense.

Prosecutor Biraj said that from the video-recordings provided and from other material evidence, it has been proven that the accused went towards the victim on the critical day and committed the macabre act depriving the now deceased Sh.K.

He said that, from the statements of the witnesses as well as from the conversation between the accused and the deceased through the Facebook social network, it was proven that the relations between the accused and the deceased were strained.

Further, he added that due to the action of the accused Ahmeti, the family of the deceased Sh.K has suffered a great shock and that the same after the act has gone towards destruction both from the health and financial side.

Meanwhile, the representative of the injured party Kumrije Krasniqi, lawyer Miftar Qelaj, submitted his final speech in writing and in his brief elaboration he said that the indictment of the prosecution was confirmed by the administered evidence.

Also, he said that the family of the deceased Sh.K has experienced shock from this serious event, as well as from the insults and insults that the accused made during the murder.

He added that the accused committed the murder intentionally, that the action was carried out for low motives and that he created a danger for other people.

The injured Kumrije Krasniqi fully supported the final word of her representative and asked the court to punish the accused Ahmeti according to the law.

"Judge, I believe in justice and I want justice because he destroyed my family, humiliated me, harmed me and massacred me", said Krasniqi.

Meanwhile, the defender of the accused Ahmeti, lawyer Nazmi Mustafi, in his final speech, said that the prosecutor Biraj did not verify the facts that his client committed the crime for which he is accused.

Also, he added that the prosecutor has no legal basis that there is an element of intent and that he has not offered any argument for this even in his final speech.

Further, the lawyer Mustafi said that the accused committed the murder in a state of severe mental shock and that he was under the influence of alcohol and that it was proven from the witness statement that he was provoked by the actions of the deceased.

In the end, he told the court to take into account the circumstances for mitigating the sentence because he is unemployed, has three children and is sick.

The accused Ahmeti supported the final speech of his defender and requested that a milder sentence be imposed on him.

"Since I asked in the last session for a milder punishment, I apologize, we are friends, it happened and I am sorry for his loss", said Ahmeti.

The verdict will be announced on August 15, 2022.

Otherwise, the indictment filed by the Basic Prosecutor's Office in Prizren charges Sylejman Ahmet with taking the life of the now-deceased Sh.K, on ​​January 26, 2020, in the Pruz "Toni" cafe in the village of Maqiteve in the Municipality of Suhareka, property of Liman Ali.

According to the indictment, after the dispute regarding a debt of 20 euros, which the now deceased Krasniqi owed to his brother, he first said to him: "I know who you insulted, I didn't leave him without him, if you are a man, come out", and after L. removes the now deceased from the bar, then the accused after sitting and staying for a short time at the other table inside the bar, while now the deceased was outside looking apology from the owner of the bar for the gesture made, he quickly gets up from the table and goes out through the other door of the bar.

In the indictment it is stated that the accused goes to his "VW" truck, takes the AK-47 type semi-automatic rifle, caliber 7.62 mm and in the presence of the witness Liman Aliu, who tries to stop the accused, Agron Krasniqi and other guests who had gone out of the bar, and at a short distance shot in the direction of the now deceased, who was standing still with an ax tail in his hand and hit him first in the face, causing him to fall to the ground .

Still according to the indictment, while he was down, the accused hit him several times saying: "Qu t*** i*** seven thousand n***, may God take away the funeral", where he caused eight wounds in the region of the head, chest, abdomen as well as in the right arm and thigh, which injuries were accompanied by fractures in the head, spine, ribs, arm and right thigh bones, severe damage to vital organs, brain, lung of the right, liver, and right kidney, followed by massive bleeding in the head, chest and abdomen, which were immediately fatal.

With these actions, Ahmeti is accused of having committed the criminal offense "Aggravated murder", from article 179, paragraph 1, subsection 1.5 of the Criminal Code, punishable by ten years imprisonment or life imprisonment.

Whereas, according to the second provision, in the same place and time described as in the first provision, from the unverified date, contrary to the applicable Law, the accused possessed the "AK-47" type semi-automatic weapon.

With this, he is accused of having committed the criminal offense "Unauthorized ownership, control or possession of weapons", from article 366, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, where the perpetrator is punished with a fine of up to 7 thousand 500 euros or imprisonment of up to in five years, the oath of office reports.