The beach is hard to see. The green snake is tied to a gecko.

Believe that you will eat liver, lottery neck, don't miss it. Collect lucky numbers and gamble.

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11 Aug. 2022 12:51





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Rare to find. The owner of the house reveals a picture of a big green snake.

tighten the gecko

believe hope eat liver

But I feel pity, so I use a rake until separated, escaping in different directions while the lottery neck doesn't miss

Collect lucky numbers

On August 11, 65 reporters reported that

In a house in Ban Dung District, Udon Thani Province, the owner of the house filmed a clip while the large and long Green Buddha Indra snake.

I'm tight, hoping to eat gecko liver

Even if the owner of the house approaches the green snake, he is not afraid.

Still using a long body to hold the gecko, not letting go.

until he saw only the tail of the gecko wagging

But in the end, the owner used a stick to separate the green snake and gecko.

The green snake slithered away from the house.

As for the gecko, who was breathing heavily, when he recovered, he climbed up the ceiling as usual.

by the owner of the house said

It's the cycle of life in the world. Don't want to kill the snake. The green snake strangles the gecko to eat the liver.

The two animals are no longer compatible with each other.

regarded as the nature of living things

But still puzzled why the green snake and the gecko don't get along.

While the lottery fans do not miss out on the lucky numbers of the house numbers.

Green snake eats gecko liver

People who like to gamble say that for the period on August 16, take house numbers 268, 862 as numbers in their hearts.