Yesterday, the Public Health Institute received a test sample of a suspected monkeypox case.

The patient is from Kîçova and a few days ago pimples appeared on his body, which is one of the symptoms of monkey pox.

The Infectious Diseases Commission, during yesterday's meeting, recommended the establishment of home or hospital isolation for all suspected and confirmed cases of monkeypox and daily epidemiological monitoring of persons who have had contact with confirmed cases.

"The Infectious Diseases Commission recommended the establishment of isolation/quarantine measures and isolation in home or hospital conditions of suspected monkeypox cases until they are tested, isolation of confirmed cases in home or hospital conditions until the end of the disease or healing.

Daily epidemiological monitoring of contacts of confirmed monkeypox cases during the incubation period of 21 days", KSI announced.

The head of KSI, Aleksandar Petličkovski, does not expect this disease to become a problem like the coronavirus.

According to him, there are tests for monkeypox in the country and the European Medicines Agency already has an approved vaccine, but mass vaccination is not planned.

"The expansion is not going as fast as we first feared, maybe because we were burned by the corona.

Broadcasting occurs in certain groups.

Vaccines are recommended worldwide for risk groups, with risk contacts.

At the moment, mass immunization is not foreseen anywhere", said Petličkovski.