Beijing is using US House Speaker

Nancy Pelosi

's visit to the island as "an excuse to destroy the status quo," DW quoted Taiwanese Foreign Ministry

spokeswoman Joan Ou as saying

at a press conference in Taipei on Thursday, August 11.

Taiwan rejects the "one country, nine systems" model offered by Beijing as a basis for peaceful reunification.

"Only the people of Taiwan can decide their future," the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized.

The "one country, two systems" model proposed by Beijing was applied to Hong Kong and Macau, which were promised a special administrative status with extensive autonomy after coming under Chinese jurisdiction.

Taiwan's army fired another round of live fire on Thursday, after China officially ended its large-scale military exercises around the island, which were announced on the back of a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

A spokeswoman for Taiwan's foreign ministry said China was using Pelosi's visit "as a pretext to destroy the status quo" in an attempt to "create a new norm to intimidate the Taiwanese people."

Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan for a one-day visit on August 2.

She became the first speaker of the US House of Representatives in 25 years to visit the island, whose independence Beijing does not recognize and which it considers one of the Chinese provinces.

The White House and Pelosi herself emphasized that the visit to Taiwan, whose independence Washington also does not recognize, does not mean a change in the US position.

Official Beijing, however, sharply criticized such a visit, and after Pelosi's departure, the Chinese army began the previously announced air and sea military exercises in the area of ​​the island.

Taiwan's Ministry of Defense called the Chinese maneuvers very provocative and announced the deployment of ground-based missile systems.

  • As a result of Pelosi's visit, Beijing partially suspended trade with Taiwan.

    In addition, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced the suspension of cooperation with the United States in a number of areas, including climate change issues.

    China has imposed sanctions on Pelosi herself and her family members, saying she "interfered in China's internal affairs" and violated the country's "territorial integrity."