The Chairman of the Union Movement, Valon Murati, speaking about the recent tensions in the north of Kosovo on July 31 and about the statement of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti that there could be an escalation of the situation, said that under these circumstances there cannot be classic war between Kosovo and Serbia and not typical aggression.

Murat has stated that the problem of the north is a deep political problem that cannot be solved with the army and the police, but with political intervention.

He said that since 2011, when the talks started, it is a serious mistake on the part of Kosovo that they have not raised the problem of Eastern Kosovo.

"So in the first place, the principle of reciprocity must be established, whatever is required for the north of Kosovo must also be required for Eastern Kosovo", said Murati.

As for the Association of Municipalities with a Serbian majority, he said that it should not be allowed in Kosovo because it is a mechanism that gathers the municipalities into a single mechanism and this mechanism begins to receive powers, which they transfer to the association and fall into conflict with institutions of Kosovo.

"Even when the Association has no executive powers, it is a heavy stone for the functionality of Kosovo", he emphasized.

According to him, no solution with Serbia should be populist.

He said that the approach of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, is a populist approach, which he had at the beginning when he came to power and is still maintaining it.

For Murat, a government which has 51 percent of the legitimacy, should lead Kosovo to choose big problems.

"Until we find a solution with Serbia, it is a big issue for Kosovo", he added.

According to him, Serbia will not recognize Kosovo and these issues, which are big problems for Kosovo, as he says, should be discussed in future meetings in Brussels.