The online petition organized by some activists has reached 10,000 signatures

to change the administrative instruction that prohibits the wearing of the headscarf in secondary schools.

According to one of the organizers of the campaign and at the same time the petition, Durim Berisha, the signatures will be sent to the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, the Minister of Education, Arbërie Nagavci, as well as the Ombudsman.

According to the former advisor to the prime minister, Kurti, the online platform for signing the petition guarantees impeccable security, he informed that they did not use ready-made platforms but created one themselves, so that the petition is as safe as possible. credible.

Berisha emphasized that if their request is not processed by MEST according to the legal deadlines, then he and his team will go to the Basic Court in Pristina.

"It is known that the campaign and the petition are intended to support the written request submitted to MESTI, therefore in case of non-proceeding according to the legal deadlines, we will turn to the Basic Court in Pristina, as the competent Court to examine the lawsuit in this regard" , said Berisha for Dukagjini Portal.

Meanwhile, in a reaction of the Ministry of Education, it was said that "The right to education is guaranteed by the European Convention of Human Rights, the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and the Law on Pre-University Education, therefore in accordance with our responsibilities, we will fulfill all legal obligations and make sure that every child is in the school banks".

But this reaction did not mention the change in the administrative instruction that prohibits the wearing of headscarves in schools.