The large-scale forest fire on the island of Thassos is far from hotels.

Tourists continue their vacation, BNR reported.

The fire is located in the forest area of ​​the island, there is no danger for tourists and residents, firemen report.

Due to difficult access to the burning terrain, army forces with special equipment dug a protective trench to stop the movement of the fire.

The spokesman of the fire department, Yanis Artopio, announced a large-scale extinguishing operation with the participation of 190 firefighters, 40 water trucks, and eight airplanes and six helicopters extinguishing the fire from the air.

A forest fire on Thassos forced the evacuation of residents

Authorities expect the fire to be at least partially under control by the end of the day.

Hotel owners on the island of Thassos report that tourists are continuing their holidays and there are no cancellations of reservations.

Ferry traffic to the island is not affected.