Among my priorities as a minister are the modernization of the Bulgarian army and the provision of 2% of GDP for defense spending in order to create a truly strong army.

This was stated by the Acting Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov in an interview for "Lice v Lice" on bTV

Dimitar Stoyanov was born on October 28, 1968 in Svilengrad.

In 1986, he graduated.

When asked about the offer for the second 8 F-16 fighter jets, Stoyanov indicated that it should be carefully considered, after which a project for investment expenditure should be drawn up to be voted on in the Council of Ministers and then in the National Assembly.

For this reason, he explained that he proposed that the term of the offer in question be extended until December 15, 2022, when there will be a functioning parliament.

He also specified that it is about a 1.3 billion dollar investment project.

The army needs 6 to 8 billion BGN to be modernized.

The current equipment is morally outdated, it is from the 80s and there is a huge gap between the equipment used by our NATO allies and ours, explained the Minister of Defense.

The Minister of Defense: There is a real danger that within 3-4 years we will not be able to carry out combat duty alone

According to him, the Bulgarian army has been underestimated and underfunded for more than 30 years, and he warned that if we don't get the second eight F-16 fighters, we won't get a squadron either.

Therefore, I believe that these funds should be given.

The geopolitical situation around us is not favorable, because we have the war in Ukraine, we also have the tension between Serbia and Kosovo, which is not known when it could turn into a military conflict.

It is simply not right to be with equipment that is 40 years old or older, Minister Stoyanov explained.

Regarding the MiGs, he pointed out that they are in a serious condition and we cannot rely on them for many more years, which is why it is imperative to modernize our fighter aviation.

Bulgarian MiG-29 fighters under repair in Poland

On the subject of the gas crisis, Dimitar Stoyanov

Dimitar Stoyanov was born on October 28, 1968 in Svilengrad.

In 1986, he concluded that if we are looking for real diversification, we must have sources from at least three places, and at the moment we only have from Azerbaijan, and the gas from Gazprom has been stopped.

If the price of gas continues to rise, how will the Bulgarian economy be competitive?

One should think about every single profitable source and at an affordable price, he believes.

Regarding the protests in front of the presidency, the acting defense minister said that he understood them, but they did not bother him, and added that "no one from the acting government should be worried."

A new protest in front of the presidency, a petition for the removal of Radev begins

When asked about the supply of arms to Ukraine, Stoyanov pointed out that "there is no direct supply, but there is an indirect supply of arms."

In conclusion, he commented that it is normal, when a new cabinet comes to power, to replace the regional governors and the heads of the various state institutions.

There is not a single exempt person in the Ministry of Defense.

This can only happen in case of proven abuses, explained Minister Stoyanov.

Dimitar Stoyanov