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"Russia is not an unreliable partner. Now things have gone a bit wrong and politics has replaced economics."

Dimitar Manolov, the president of the KT "Podkrepa" trade union organization, stated this to Nova TV

Born on August 23, 1958 in the city of Sofia. Completed his secondary education at the 35th high school with teaching.

He indicated that he was worried about the contract with Gazprom.

In his words, talking about the subject is so multidirectional that you can't catch the end of it.

"I don't know if we won't have to pay for what we didn't use," added Manolov.

The president of KT Podkrepa also commented on the tender announced by Bulgargaz for the purchase of liquefied gas.

Manolov stated that these pit auctions work against normal market logic.

According to him, there will be a limited range of bidders looking for favorable terms.

We will have to buy gas at a very high price, he added.

Delyan Dobrev pointed out the reasons for the gas shortage

Manolov also touched on the subject of the minimum wage.

According to him, BGN 770 is insufficient.

A caretaker government cannot do much about income.

It is best to hold these talks towards the end of the year, added the chairman of KT Podkrepa.

He also commented on the situation with the so-called

energy transition.

Our coal power is behaving as if it is about to shut down.

 We have to get the idea of ​​closure out of our heads, Manolov pointed out.

If we liquidate our coal power, we are left without 40% of what we produce, he added.

Delyan Dobrev

Dimitar Manolov