New Delhi:

Corona is once again starting to scare in Delhi.

A total of 2726 new cases of corona have been registered in the capital on Thursday.

This is the first time in the last six and a half months that so many cases have come to Delhi.

Earlier this year on February 2, 3028 cases were registered.

At the same time, the infection rate of Corona has been recorded at 14.38 percent on Thursday.

Which is definitely less than Wednesday.

On the other hand, if we talk about the number of active patients of Corona, then there are now 8840 active patients of Corona in Delhi.

This number of active patients is the highest in the last six months.

Earlier on February 6, the total number of active patients was recorded at 8869.

A total of 6 patients have also lost their lives due to corona in the last 24 hours in Delhi. 

The strain of Omicron, which came at this time in the country's capital Delhi, is more infectious than the base strain that came in January this year and with this the effectiveness of the vaccine has fallen by 20 to 30 percent at present.

Dr. NK Arora, Chairman, Kovid Task Force gave this information in a conversation with NDTV.

It is worth noting that at this time there has been a jump in the number of new cases of Kovid in Delhi and the positivity rate is increasing at about 18 percent. 

In an exclusive conversation with NDTV, Dr. Arora said, "The positivity rate of 18 per cent is intimidating but it is also important to look at the parameters like hospitalization rate and associated mortality rate." Almost the same is the case with Corona cases in the U.S.… lives."

Giving an example, he said that if someone in the family tests positive and other members also have similar symptoms, then no more tests are done.

He said that there is a need to implement back the Kovid security measures including masks.   

Let us inform that on Wednesday, 2,146 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported in Delhi and eight patients died while the infection rate was 17.83 percent.

This information was given in the data released by the Health Department.

After 180 days in the national capital, so many patients had died due to Kovid-19.

Earlier on February 13, 12 patients died due to Kovid-19 in Delhi.

According to the data of the Health Department, in the last 24 hours, 12,036 samples of Kovid-19 were tested in Delhi.