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Against the background of the rising prices of energy resources and the need for financial means to compensate households and businesses, we categorically do not agree that the caretaker government owes Bulgaria billions for 8 new F-16 aircraft.

Left-wing people want more funds for social policy, such as we in the regular cabinet have been carrying out until now.

This is stated in the position of the BSP

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated as BSP) is.

Without denying the need to modernize the Bulgarian army, we state that the official cabinet cannot make new commitments or make strategic decisions.

They should be left to the next regular government to do a careful review in terms of real needs, terms and conditions before a final decision is taken, the Left said.

Danchev (BSP): A man in the shadows is pulling Ninova's strings

And they remind "that the caretaker government is called to prepare the holding of the early parliamentary elections and to solve the most urgent issues facing the country. The preparation and conclusion of military deals worth billions is not among them".