The former minister of energy in the "Petkov" cabinet responded on Facebook to the claims of his successor in office, Rosen Hristov

Rosen Hristov has a master's degree in international economic relations from the University of California, that there was not enough control over the construction of the gas connection with Greece, and that attempts are being made to find a cheaper offer for liquefied gas than the one for the seven tankers.

"Wasn't there enough control over the construction?! There are weekly reports at the level of Minister - Minister from the project company /Skrekas - Nikolov/, as well as the same were received at the level of Prime Minister. As far as I saw yesterday from the Ministry of Interior, it was far from meager interest, but still present on the review of the link ... strangely, there was none. Still, the questions remain for the MRRD and those explaining about unfinished construction, how ajeba Act 14 was issued then, also, how the regulatory authorities in Greece accepted everything. I will not write about the meetings with Avax, as it is too long. Let's distinguish between SCADA automation system test and construction... still, if it's convenient," Nikolov states.

"The named problems with "fire protection", etc. It is a question of executive drawings. The solutions are legally described, available in the ICGB /not BJ... probably left behind in the expert history/, so... they are also available in the Ministry of energy and all the possible steps show how to effectively reach Act 15 and Act 16: adds the former energy minister.

The Acting Minister of Energy revealed whether they are negotiating with Gazprom

"We have multiple offers from many contractors. Come on now, all the offers received have a worse price structure than Cheniere's? Lest it turn out that you will still have to work on something left by the regular office?! And if only it turns out that... something you won't be able to do for the next 3 months with necessary access to infrastructure?! And if only it turns out that the available offers for the first slot that are in Bulgargaz ... are better again from those that you will "realize" through the "commercial" procedure?!", also writes Alexander Nikolov

Alexander Nikolov has a Master's degree in finance from the UNSS.

He has been an executive for the past few months.

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