We have gas until September.

There is somewhere to find until the end of the year.

The problem is not in the quantities, but in the price.

If we announce that we are paying five times as much, we will have a lot of offers.

Most LNG offers, but there are no terminals for them.

There are slots, but it is not economically viable for us to buy them.

We have to find alternative sources.

This was stated by the Acting Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov

Rosen Hristov has a master's degree in international economic relations from the University of California in the program "The Day Begins" on BNT. 

The gas shortage is about 30% of the planned heating.

If we do not provide gas and slots at a normal price, either someone has to pay the high amount or Sofia will be left without heat.

The price in world markets is high, but we can find a way to make it lower than what we are paying now.

We have offers for the supply of gas, we know the offer for 7 tankers, there are similar offers from intermediaries.

The official government has found a situation of deficiency and we are working as a priority.

Our idea is to secure the gas until the end of the year and possibly for the next.

Let's ensure the heating season and give opportunities to the next government to conclude a contract, noted Hristov. 

Delyan Dobrev (GERB): Not a single molecule of American gas has arrived in Bulgaria

According to him, all sources of gas supply are on the agenda, including Gazprom. 

The acting minister specified that "Gazprom" is the last option for delivery, but it still exists.

And he added that if it is necessary to conduct negotiations with Gazprom, they will only be for obtaining the quantities under the contract, and not for signing a new agreement. 

Kiril Petkov has not stopped talking to Gazprom.

A colossal amount was paid for legal advice for negotiations with Gazprom.

The negotiations have stopped at one point, where "Gazprom did not agree to our terms. Europe continues to buy gas from Gazprom. The other thing is that we currently buy gas from Gazprom not directly, but through intermediaries. They appear , when you need gas. Russian gas is currently flowing and being consumed, it just goes through Greece, through intermediaries, the Acting Minister of Energy pointed out. 

Rosen Hristov

Rosen Hristov has a master's degree in international economic relations from the University of California stated that "Bulgargaz" is not a loss, but needs capital.

And he added that the state will grant a loan to the company to increase working capital.

The Ministry of Energy held a working meeting to increase the working capital of "Bulgargaz"

The official energy minister also commented on the construction of the Interconnector with Greece. 

The state does not build the Interconnector, it is built by a private company selected through a competition.

Speculation that we are stopping construction is wrong.

We are putting tremendous efforts to drive this project and complete it on time.

If we wanted to stop it, we had to do like the "Petkov" cabinet - that is, nothing.

They didn't exercise control to keep this project on schedule.

Builders have a relaxed feel and complete construction on their schedule.

We have not received the final schedule despite the many meetings we held.

The project is extremely important, we are working to be able to launch it at the beginning of September.

We formed a working group from all ministries to monitor and enforce control.

The documentation is monitored, they make on-the-spot checks to be able to react.

We expect to receive the final schedule tomorrow. 

There is no option to switch entirely to electricity.

The system is built in a certain direction and we cannot help but need gas.

ERP is making preparations, but the analyzes show that we cannot switch completely to electricity, he added. 

The acting energy minister expressed hope that they will be able to reduce or at least stabilize the price of gas. 

The discount of 25% will continue until it is scheduled.

It is not enough.

It is for residential users only.

The increased price of fuel we pay must reduce the price of transport or the price of goods.

We need to find a solution on how to drastically increase the value of fuels, explained Hristov. 

Rosen Hristov