"AZ-PACK" LLC, a packaging company operating in Azerbaijan, announced its financial report for the past year.

Referring to the company's financial report, "APA-Economics" informs that MMC ended last year with a net loss.

Thus, the main operating income of the company last year was 2,953 million manats (3.2 times less than in 2020), the cost of sales was 3,874 million manats (2.3 times less), and the total loss was 921.3 thousand manats ( 766.9 thousand manat profit in 2020).

In addition, "AZ-PACK" received other incomes of 311.3 thousand manats.

As a result, the operating and net loss of the company last year was 609.9 thousand manats.

However, in 2020, MMC announced a net profit of 410.9 thousand manats.

By the beginning of this year, the total assets of the company decreased by 22% to 9,203 million manats, the total liabilities decreased by 19.6% to 9,078 million manats, and the total capital decreased by 5.9 times to 125,500 manats.

It should be noted that "AZ-PACK" has been operating since 2012.