The Kosovo Police for the Gjilan region have announced that they have arrested a 22-year-old woman for attempted murder in Gjilan.

In the press release, it is stated that the Police were informed in the early hours of the morning by the Gjilan Regional Emergency Center that an injured person had been brought there as a result of gunfire.

"Relevant units have arrived at the scene.

According to the doctor's report, the victim PC (1983) Albanian, a citizen of Kosovo, is out of danger.

From the first investigations at the scene, it is learned that the suspect in connection with the case is an Albanian woman, citizen of Kosovo - year of birth (2000), who allegedly fired the gun.

At the moment, the motives of the incident are not known", the announcement states.

A pistol and 40 cartridges of the same weapon were confiscated at the scene as material evidence for the Court.

The State Prosecutor has been informed about the case, who has ordered that a criminal complaint be filed for "Attempted murder" and that the suspect be detained for 48 hours, while the Kosovo Police, the Gjilan Regional Investigation Unit are investigating the circumstances of the incident. .