Sania Khan became the voice of women on Tik Tok

A Pakistani-American woman found it difficult

 to talk about her divorce on

Tik-Tok .

The woman shared the pain that comes in the form of divorce after a relationship deteriorates.


according to the BBC report,

outraged by this, her abandoned husband came and killed her.  

The incident happened in Chicago last month, when Sania Khan was ready to leave Chicago and was on her way to Tennessee.

Her husband has been identified as 36-year-old Rachel Ahmed.

Rachel shot herself after killing Sania.

According to Fox News,

Ahmed came from Georgia to kill Shikaho Sania only because he talked about his failed marriage on TikTok.  

Fox News, quoting local police, said in its report that the police reached the spot at 4.30 pm on July 18 and saw the bodies of both Sania Khan and Ahmed, who had been shot.  

After dating Ahmed for five years, Sania married him in June 2021 and they settled in Chicago together.  

According to Fox News, after this Ahmed's family filed a complaint with the police, in which he was said to be missing.

Georgia police told their Chicago counterparts that Ahmed, 36, had traveled 1,100 kilometers to bring the marriage "to the end".  

On Tik Tok, Sania Khan became the voice of women who are struggling with the shock of marriage and the stigma of divorce.

According to the BBC, his friends were deeply shocked by the death of the woman.