Whatsapp is bringing many security features.

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New Delhi:

Instant messaging platform Whatsapp has brought new security features for its users.

In order to increase the privacy of users, the platform on Tuesday announced the rollout of several features.

The biggest feature can be getting privacy protection when leaving WhatsApp groups.

Under the new rollout, WhatsApp is going to ban taking screenshots of the 'view once message' that appears.

For this, the company is going to bring a new feature soon.

Meta-owned WhatsApp said in a statement on Tuesday that with the introduction of the new feature, no one will be able to take screenshots of messages in the 'view once message' category.

Once the person receiving such message reads it, that message automatically disappears.

Apart from this, there will also be this feature that you leave a group and no one gets to know.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta, announced the introduction of this new feature on WhatsApp, saying that it will help protect user's privacy.

Zuckerberg said, "WhatsApp is bringing some new features related to privacy.

Allows anyone to exit a group chat without receiving a notification and gives the user control over who they want to know when they're online.

Apart from this, the feature of prohibiting taking screenshot of View Once Message is also being brought.

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Can't take screenshot of View Once Message

WhatsApp has recently introduced 'View Once Message' feature, through which the message can be read only once and after that it disappears automatically.

In this way users get the option that no one can keep a digital record of their sent message.

But after receiving some complaints about taking screenshots of such messages, WhatsApp has now prepared to bring a new feature to improve it.

According to the meta statement, "WhatsApp is now making arrangements to block screenshots of View Once messages for added security.

This feature is under testing and will be released to the users soon.

Leave group without notifying

The best feature can be that you leave the group and someone finds out.

Under this new feature, now when you leave the group, everyone will not get any kind of alert in the group.

Just the admin will know that you have left the group.

This new feature will be available from this month.

Who can see your online status

WhatsApp is bringing another cool feature, in which you will be able to hide your online status.

So far, users have the option to hide the last seen.

But now you will also be able to decide for yourself who will be able to see whether you are online at that time or not.

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