The secret recipe for the first step to treat your skin at night.

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10 Aug 2022 07:18





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to enhance the beauty of the night

Sisley Cosmetics by Ruchit Suthanasereeporn organized the “Exclusive Launch Event of “Supremÿa La Lotion” to launch a new product, Supremya La Lotion

, a secret formula, the first step to awaken the skin to be ready for nighttime treatments. Increases the moisture of the skin ten times.

Ready to open the Supremya family of nourishing ingredients, which Mr. Nicolas Chenier, Asia-Pacific region director, recently attended the event at the Mandarin Oriental.

Ruchit Suthanasereeporn said that the new product Supremya La Lotion is a secret formula for beauty at night.

It is the first step in waking up the skin to prepare it for nighttime nourishment.

Complementing the Supremya family of skin treatments, Supremya La Lotion has 3 steps that will awaken the power of rejuvenation and renewal of skin cells at night.

that makes the skin fully moisturized

Able to respond and absorb important ingredients 10 times better than dry or dehydrated skin, the lotion will prepare the skin for the night to work effectively with the mixture of Solution of Biosaccharides.

Glycerin absorbs and retains water in the skin and Pro-Vitamin 5 maintains the skin's moisture level.

Provides a smooth, soft touch

The second step is to stimulate the skin to be ready for nourishment.

from skin care in the next step

to absorb into the skin more quickly

Bringing the ingredients of skin care deep into the skin layer to revitalize the skin directly, with Red Vine extract acting to stimulate and revitalize, awaken the mechanism of rejuvenation and regeneration of new skin cells at night. Promotes rejuvenating mechanisms to combat aging

It has the value extracted from Sophora Japonica to calm the skin.

from the deterioration of the day

Strengthen the efficiency of anti-oxidants at night.