In the appeals, it is said that conscript soldiers are sent to war through deception and coercion, they are not provided with normal food and medical care, contract workers specially violate the rules of the statute so that they are dismissed from service, and parents cannot get information about their children.

According to the publication, complaints are mainly sent by relatives of servicemen or by the servicemen themselves, but letters also began to arrive from Russians whose relatives suffered from violence and looting in the occupied territories.

So, in one of the appeals, the author writes that they, together with their parents, have been living on the territory of the DPR since 2014 and are Russian citizens.

On April 9, Russian soldiers entered the village and began to base themselves near their house.

During the shelling on April 8, they went to a nearby village, but when they returned the next day, they saw the "atrocities" of the Russian military.

"A large tank knocked out our gate, demolished a fence made of a huge plate, demolished huge hangars in the garage inside the gate, which then fell on the cars parked in the garage," the letter says.

- They stole spare parts and tools worth 200,000 rubles, up to the point that they stole a small thing from the car and condoms, from the brother of the car, tell me, are these people?

And when my mother arrived, she approached there and asked what they had done, because after knocking down the gate, they drove a tank into the garage, and they didn't even drive in at all. The soldier rudely sent her away and said at the end "go back to where you came from"... I repeat. , my parents lived for 8 years in the territory of the DPR, they had never seen such an atrocity."

In another letter, Yulia Puntus says that after March 8, "a gang of marauders, posing as officers and soldiers of the LPR, entered the village of Baranikuki and "robbed a school, a kindergarten, a pharmacy, three shops, farmers and, breaking the locks, occupied two houses ".

"The gang consisted of about 20 people.

They lived in my house for two weeks, and then they took away all the property, even toys and worn things.

At that time, they were looting the whole area.

15 looted cars were taken in an unknown direction.

This gang was with machine guns on a military vehicle "Ural" with the letter V on the board and the inscription "FOX".

It was obvious that they were professional marauders, because they did not neglect anything," she wrote.

Alexander Sergeev's father wrote that his son, who was called up for military service in October 2021, was misled and sent to war in Ukraine.

"According to the information of some parents who contacted their sons, the command refuses to withdraw conscript soldiers, forcing them to sign contracts, explaining to them - "you will not be withdrawn from here anyway.

And after signing the contract, you will at least get the money," says his letter.

"I believe that the rights of servicemen are being violated by forcing them to conclude contracts fraudulently."

Many complaints were related to the fact that the soldiers were abandoned there without any provision or medical care.

One of the letters states that a contract officer of the 137th Guards Parachute Regiment was sent to Belarus for training on February 24, after which he was sent to the war in Ukraine.

At the end of March, the soldier got in touch with his relatives.

"We learned that they were not provided with food, water, dry rations (one for 4 per day), water was collected from the snow while it was there.

The command informed us that they are fed (three meals a day in the field kitchen), there is water, they are taken to the bathhouse, they are washed, but there was actually no mention of any washing.

People did not wash for weeks, if not the whole month.

After the conversation with the son-in-law, it was found out that he suffered a contusion (according to his description of the symptoms - a contusion of medium severity), and also received frostbite of the limbs, hands and ears.

Adequate first aid for the contusion was not provided.

The answer was: "Everyone here is like that, go on."

Many soldiers have frostbite and burns.

The form has become completely unusable," says the letter.