In the village of Ashaghi Oyszulzi of Tovuz region, 1 vacuum switch and 10 pm output cable burned in the territory of the substation.

According to information provided to APA by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the substation was protected from fire.

The fire was extinguished by the fire brigade.



"The cause of the fire at the substation in Tovuz was the burning of the insulated cable as a result of heating in the 6 kV insulated line."

Vagif Mustafayev, head of the press service of Azerishik OJSC, informed APA about this.

"The fire was prevented in a short period of time. Several streets where the electricity supply was cut off were provided with electricity by an alternative line as soon as possible," he said.



A fire broke out at the substation in Tovuz.

According to the local office of APA, the incident was recorded at the Tovuz substation.

The live force of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and fire engines were immediately involved in the scene.

The fire is extinguished.

At present, the supply of electricity to the region has been stopped.