Romania has finished harvesting this year's wheat crop, Agriculture Minister Petre Daya said today, and indicated that the harvest was between 15 and 18 percent less than in 2021, Reuters reported.

In 2021, Romania harvested a record crop, including 11.3 million tonnes of wheat, but this year's crops have been affected by weather conditions and higher production costs, the agency said.

Earlier this month, the minister said the wheat harvest was sufficient to cover Romania's domestic needs and provide a surplus for export.

The country's domestic consumption traditionally ranges from 2.5 to about 3 million tons.

Petre Daya told reporters he expects to present full harvest figures next week.

He also said that farmers have started harvesting sunflowers earlier than last year in five counties in the drought-affected areas.

High temperatures and prolonged drought have affected crops, particularly maize and sunflower, across the country and preliminary ministry figures from today showed 284,376 hectares of some 7 million hectares of cereals and oilseeds had been damaged.

Bulgaria, France, Romania and Russia are emerging as important suppliers of wheat to Egypt

Romania is among the largest grain traders in the European Union and is an active exporter to the Middle East, with Egypt as the main buyer, Reuters notes.

Exports take place through the leading port of Constanta, which Ukraine uses as an alternative route since Russia blocked Ukrainian Black Sea ports in February, BTA adds.


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