The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama described the construction of the tourist port of Durrës as an opportunity for not only the city where this investment will be made, but the whole of Albania to change once and for all.

Present at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between "Eagle Hills Real Estate Development" shpk and "Albanian Seaports Development Company" sh.a, the prime minister said that if we look today and see Montenegro, where they have the highest salaries in the region, we must understand that everything started from the "Port of Monte Negro".

Rama also emphasized that in this grand project, the Albanian state will be a shareholder together with the investing company.

"This is a project that will forever change not only Durrës, but all of Albania.

With the construction of this port, the property value of all the citizens of Durrës will increase exponentially, the value of all the hotels on the coastline will increase.

This is about the completely different image that Albania will have in the world.

If today the salaries in Montenegro are the highest in the region, this started with "Porto Monte Negro".

Durrës will be the largest port in the Mediterranean, it will be the twin port of Dubai's navy.

"This port opens a new perspective.

The Albanian state in this port will not be as it was once imagined as a simple ethnicity that gives land to an investor, the Albanian state will be a shareholder there.

The state is a partner when those who negotiate think for the state and not for themselves.

Meanwhile, the tourist port of Vlora has started, in Saranda it has also started, we are working on the Shengjin project", said the Prime Minister./ABCNews/