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New Delhi:

These days, Indore, the cleanest city of the country, is battling with heavy rains.

The rain has wreaked havoc on the city in such a way that many areas have been submerged in water.

The condition of the roads is that they have turned into rivers.

Many roads were filled with water in this way and the water started flowing so fast on the road that even the cars could not stand before the water flow.

In many areas, along with the car, the people in the car were also washed away in the water flow.

However, the people who had flown with the car were later pulled out by the locals.

Indore Mayor Pushya Mitra Bhargava also reached the spot and with the help of the control room, municipal teams were engaged for rescue work in the rain. 

It is not that this is the first such rain in Madhya Pradesh.

In the year 2020, clouds had rained heavily in many districts of Madhya Pradesh, especially the capital Bhopal and Indore, the cleanest city from the country, was in a bad condition due to rain.

Bhopal had received 8.5 inches of rain in a day during that time, which was a record of rain in one day in August after 14 years.

In Indore, for the first time in 100 years, 12.5 inches of water had rained in a day.